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Click on an image to view an uncropped gallery

Click on an image to view an uncropped gallery

Mini Expo

During the dark days of lockdown I found a small sampler pad of yupo art paper. It's a weird plasticky thin card, very smooth and takes various media surprisingly well. I started playing with Indian ink, marker pens and colour pencils. The sheets were 2.5" x 3.75" - I'm not connecting that into metric, but it's about the size of one and a half business cards.

After finishing the pad I had the idea of creating a miniature art gallery using scraps of mount board I had. It came together remarkably quickly, an afternoon I think, and I started hanging the paintings and taking photographs. Several people were convinced that it was a real gallery, but on reflection, |I thought if I'd spent more time it could have been even more convincing. Anyway the concept worked. The gallery is called The Ponton, the most important museum of modern art in Cumbria.


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